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How Can You Benefit From Using The Camper Trailers?

Camper Trailers Melbourne

If you want to go for a picnic or an adventure which is far from your home, then you can take help from one of the best Camper Trailers in Melbourne. As the name suggests, these are used to carry your equipment for camping. Available in different sizes, you can opt for the trailer which is suitable for your trip.

If you are sceptical to buy one of these trailers, read here the benefits which are helpful to you in more than one ways:

  • Convenient and Affordable

    Unlike caravans or motor homes, camper trailers are available in lesser prices with the added functionalities like built-in kitchens, tents, etc which are apt for your camping adventure. Moreover, they are smaller in size so there will be less fuel consumption. Hence, you can have a trailer within your budget and feel convenient as well.

  • Enable Easy Towing

    Camper trailers are easy for towing. Manufacturing companies in Melbourne take particular care that they can be towed no matter what kind of car you have. This is because they are lighter in weight when compared to the caravans. Moreover, you can approach any of the Trailers for Sale in Melbourne to pick the trailer which is compatible with your car and at reasonable prices.

  • Easy to Store

    When not in use, you can easily store these trailers as they don't take much space. Even if you have a less storage space at your home, you can fit them in smaller spaces. Manufacturers design them so that you can have multiple options in storing them.

  • Movable in any Kind of Roads

    As a camper, you will have to travel on rugged and uneven roads. At those situations, you will want a camper trailer which can withstand the traveling on harsh roads. If you choose a professional company which manufactures the best and efficient trailers, then you take your trailer even to the most difficult places.

With the facilities and features of the Camper Trailers, you can make your traveling easier and secure. They are spacious and comfortable and can be towed to any place you want. Before you choose one of the premium camper trailers in Melbourne, make sure that it's designed and manufactured with the latest technologies and smart features.

Saturday, 20 April 2019

A Comprehensive Guide on Different Types of Camper Trailers

Camper Trailers Melbourne

If you like to enjoy great outdoors but at your comfort, camper trailers are the perfect option for you. There is a wide range of camper trailers available in Melbourne to suit varied needs. While some might prefer going for simple camping trips, there are others who would love staying at the camping site and do extreme camping activities for several days. No matter what your camping needs are, there's a camper trailer for all.

In the last few years, Camper Trailers in Melbourne have gain immense popularity. It is due to the fact that they provide you comfort like home while keeping you protected in the outdoors. 

Let’s Take a Look at Different Types of Camper Trailers and their Features:

  Different Types  Camper Trailers and Features

  •  Foldable Camper Trailers

These are one of the most preferred choices of many campers. This is because foldable camper trailers can be folded into a small item and are easy to transport. Most of these foldable trailers are lightweight and can be easily brought along during a hiking trip. They are available in different sizes and styles to suit the varied needs of a particular camper. What’s more; they are easier to store and doesn’t require a large space to keep it.

  • Traditional Style Camper

Traditional compact style camper is popular amongst the people who go on camping on their own or in a small group. Though this trailer accommodates only a few people but it still provides all the facilities that people need to stay comfortably. Though it isn't foldable, it's still easy to bring it along and is compact and lightweight. If you want to stay comfortable in your camping trip but doesn’t want to tow a large trailer, this is the perfect option for you.

  • Large Camper Trailers

Planning to go camping with a large group, you might need to get a large camper trailer. These trailers are very useful as they can accommodate all the facilities that you might need for your outdoor stay. Moreover, it can accommodate a large group of people. It can also be used by 8-10 people. Large camper trailers will have enough space for all the equipment and things it brings along. The only thing you need to ensure is that the person towing this trailer is a highly proficient driver as it is really difficult to maneuver a large trailer along the highway.

Different campers might require different trailers. It's essential that one know what are their needs when it comes to buying one. Europe Trailers is a perfect place to get the camper trailer of your desire. We are one of the prominent names in Melbourne Trailers industry that are actively engaged in manufacturing and delivering a qualitative range of camper trailers at highly competitive pricing.

Our camper trailers are available in a wide range of sizes and can be customised as per your specifications. With more than 30 years of experience in the industry, we ensure to deliver you the trailers that are highly spacious, comfortable and are equipped with all the required features and amenities. We’ll leave no stone unturned to make your travelling much easier and secure.

To know more about our services or to discuss your requirement, feel free to get in touch with us today!

Friday, 16 November 2018

Quality Trailers to Suit Your Industry Applications

Trailers For Sale Melbourne

Purchasing a trailer is one of the significant investments - regardless of it being for a personal or a business use. You are going to use it for the different applications, as needed hence you need to ensure that the Melbourne trailers you choose are of a premium quality.

There are various trailers manufactured to assist you in a number of applications. It is totally on you to decide which trailer will suit best to your needs. The prominent professionals manufacture trailers in a diverse variety of sizes, colours and designs. It even comes with great customised options to ensure that they turn out to be perfect for your needs.
Are you in search of one of these Trailers for Sale in Melbourne? If yes, you are surely in the right place.
The professionals offer you a list of trailers including but are not limited to:
1. Box Trailers - These trailers come in single and double axle trailers which can be used for a variety of uses.
2. Camper Trailers - It is the perfect solution when you are an adventure person. These trailers provide all types of facilities which will make your travelling much easier and secure.
3. Cage Canopy Trailers - As the name says, these trailers are caged and can be custom fitted to your existing trailers or can even be fitted to your new trailer.
4. Enclosed Trailers - These Melbourne trailers are suited for both domestic and trade use. These trailers can again be customised to suit a number of applications like camping, dog carriers, bike transport, furniture removals, mobile kitchen - whatever may be your need.
5. Car and Bike Trailers - The car trailers include ramps and are the dual axle. The standard bike trailers have two channels, ramps and tie down eyes.
6. Off Road Trailers - The off road trailers have become a popular choice over the last few years due to a number of benefits that it has to offer.
7. Tipper Trailers - If you are in the excavation business, the tipper trailer will definitely increase the productivity of your business.
8. Excavator Trailers - The construction industry needs to push their work for which they require high-quality and efficient excavator trailers. They really prove to be helpful around the construction site.
9. Tradesman Trailers - With single axle, tandem, ladder racks and shelf, these tradesman trailers can be made fully customisable as per your specifications.
Are you looking for any of these trailers for sale in Melbourne? Europe Trailers are a renowned name in providing you with high-quality Australian-made trailers throughout Victoria and Australia. With us, you can be sure to receive only high-quality materials and components and are also widely known for their durability, easy operation, heavy load capabilities and functional accuracy. If you want more information or want specific, customised Melbourne Trailers to suit your industry application, contact us directly or explore our products on Website

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How To Select The Right Tradesman Trailers?

Tradesman Trailers
As the name says, tradesman trailers are specifically built keeping the tradesman in mind. These are heavy duty utility trailers with a full shelf inside, full ladder rack on the top and various other customised options that cater to the needs of the tradesman. If you are in a business that does any kind of transporting, Tradesman Trailers are the perfect fit for your needs.

This is because the size of the tradesman trailer is just ideal. The size is neither too big nor too small; it’s just perfect to suit the most of the needs. These enclosed boxes are closed on all the sides and can easily be locked. The major advantage of these is that it makes the content safe from the thieves and the prying eyes. As per the recent statistics, there has been a rise in the break-ins of the tradesman trailers in Australia. While making a selection, ensure that all your security concerns are adequately addressed.

If you are involved in displaying your goods very often and keep moving from one place to another, the tradesman trailer is your perfect business partner. You can simply drive into an exhibition or an outdoor market and open the Melbourne trailer to reveal your content. These popular Melbourne trailers are usually fitted with the lights and other enhancements which highlight the goods.

Tradesman Trailers usually have shelves for securing and holding the merchandise in place. You can also use hangers, small stacking areas, etc. in combination with these shelves. You can paint your tradesman trailer with the colours that match your theme. Ensure to apply multi-coat of the paint to avoid corrosion. You can even consider opting for hot dipped galvanized metal, as it is highly rust resistant and durable.

Tradesman trailers are usually available in two variables: tandem and tilt. Tilt trailer has only one axle while the tandem trailers have two or more than two axles.  This makes tandem trailers the most preferable option as they offer more stability and carry more weight.

The next thing that you need to look for in your Melbourne Trailers in safety. You can choose to have:

• No brakes – this is ideal for the trailers that are not transporting heavy stuff
• Mechanical override brakes – it pulls the vehicle brakes using inertia
• Electrical brakes – these are the best braking system

Selection of brakes depends on your requirement. But as said that it’s better to be safe than sorry, similarly, it’s better to have at least some brakes than having nothing.

Last but not the least; consider the end finish of the tradesman trailer. Remember that you have a wide range of options, thus never get stuck at the first shop you visit. The thumb rule says that the material’s quality is directly proportional to the safety and durability of the Melbourne trailers. If you are looking for custom tradesman trailers in Melbourne, get in touch with Europe Trailers. We can make custom Melbourne trailers that perfectly suit your requirements and the pocket. Have a successful run with your tradesman trailers!

Wednesday, 25 July 2018

How to Select the Right Excavator Trailer for Your Job?

Excavator Trailer

One of the most common pieces of construction equipment is none other than an Excavator Trailer. Being versatile and durable in nature, excavator trailers are the best to perform the entire job around the construction site. There are different types of excavator trailers available in the market, which has unique functionality and features. But, with all the choices available, selecting the right Melbourne Trailers can be a tough deal. 

Factors to Consider While Choosing the Excavator Trailers

Your excavator has to work perfectly to get the job done in the right way. This is one of the top criteria to consider while selecting the best trailers. Observe the hydraulic systems and testing options for your next excavators. Once you determine your budget, you should look out for below-mentioned important considerations.

Horsepower – It is important to consider the engine power in order to perform the tasks properly. Also, you can look for bore and piston stroke to compare the strength of different engines. 

Weight – Always keep in mind the maximum weight, which will cover the operator, equipment and load options. You do not want an excavator that is too heavy and will damage your site.

Dimensions – Ensure that your excavator can fit in your site. Basically, excavator trailers are sized based on tonnage, corresponding to their operating weight. Therefore, as the tonnage goes up, at the same time the breakout force goes up.

Bucket capacity –
Consider the capacity of buckets, because they are the common use of Melbourne trailers. Verify the type of buckets it supports and the maximum capacity of the bucket option.

The last thing to look for is the weather on your construction site and your yard.  If your site is in cold weather, then it is essential to ensure that your trailer can fit in your current storage facilities. Also, it is best to select a smart provider who you can trust to deliver the right excavator trailer in Melbourne. They should meet all of the criteria mentioned-above and make you feel confident about your choice.

Looking To Buy an Excavator Trailer in Melbourne?

Buying excavator trailers might be a daunting task if you are an amateur. So, follow these factors while looking for choosing the best trailer. If you are searching for a professional Melbourne Trailer provider, then Europe Trailers Pty Ltd is the ultimate destination. Contact at 03 9460 7044 and choose your kind of excavator trailer.

Sunday, 8 July 2018

Have a Perfect Camping Experience With Quality Camper Trailers

Camper Trailers Melbourne
With Australia being well-known for adventure enthusiastic, the country is attracting millions of tourist every year. With the immense rise in tourist, the demand for trailers is also growing at a phenomenal space. Out of the varied options, camper trailers are considered to be the best among all the options.

If you are fond of adventures and trekking, Camper Trailers in Melbourne can be a great addition to your travel. With the immense benefits camper trailers offer, the industry has witnessed the steady growth in the demand for the camper trailers in Melbourne. Available in the wide range of shapes and sizes, you can choose the one that suits your needs.

Camper trailers in Melbourne provide the practical and comfortable lodging and help in creating unforgettable trekking and excursion experiences. These trailers can be towed behind the vehicle and store all the belongings without overloading the vehicle.

With a high-quality finish, they are also available with various features and adequate storage space for essential items. With the consistent growth in the demand, manufacturers are bringing in new facilities and gadgets to make the trekking experience more comfortable and joyful for all the tourists.

Opting for camper trailers, people have the freedom to enjoy their own place without relying on hotels or resorts. Keeping this in mind, these trailers are now even custom-made with the requirements and specifications of the clients to make their holiday comfortable and flexible.

Besides this, camper trailer tents are also gaining popularity. Available in a wide range of sizes, these can easily be set up in open space. One can choose from the several models available and enjoy the comfortable vacation amidst nature.

Home away from homes! We at Europe Trailers offer a wide range of Camper Trailers in Melbourne at the most competitive pricing.  We can also offer custom-made camper trailers that perfectly suit your requirements. All our trailers are spacious and comfortable as they are equipped with all the modern amenities and facilities. What are you waiting for? Get yours today!

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Choose Trailers for Safe Loading and Towing

Melbourne Trailers
Trailers are considered as the empowered vehicles which are usually pulled by other powered vehicles. The demand for trailers in Melbourne is increasing because of its wide range of benefits and areas to use. From the transportation of various goods and materials from one place to another for transporting of larger cargo appliances, Melbourne Trailers are popular.

They are available in different models, styles, capacities and sizes to meet diverse industry requirements. From many types of trailers, some of the popular are:-
  1. Box Trailers
  2. Cage and Canopy Trailers
  3. Camper Trailers
  4. Car and Bike Trailers
  5. Custom Trailers
  6. Enclosed Trailers
  7. Excavator Trailers
  8. Galvanised Trailers
  9. Jims Mowing Trailers and much more
Every trailer contains its own maximum capacity to load weight. Over drafting the loads can be the reason for damage to the brakes, wheels or engine. The maximum amount of weight that the vehicle can carry can be calculated by subtracting the unloaded weight from the max safe loaded weight.

Arrange the Load Safely on Melbourne Trailers

If you don’t want the damage your towing vehicle, then keep in mind to arrange the loads safely. It is essential to secure the life of the driver and extending the lifespan of towing vehicle. Below are the points you should keep in mind while loading any materials to trailers.

  1. The height of the object should be as low as possible.
  2. If the loads extend more than 200mm beyond the sides of the trailers, then attach standard hazard warning panels.
  3. It is essential that all the loads are properly restrained so that they can’t shift around while the vehicle is moving.
  4. Use lashings to prevent the load from rotating and twisting.

Find the Best Provider for Melbourne Trailers

Apart from above-mentioned trailers, if you are looking for custom made trailers, then it is important to approach the professionals that sell automobiles to your needs. There are many ways you can use to find the providers of trailers in Melbourne. By going through the internet, you can observe a lot of websites to provide you with the trailer needs. Also, you need to be careful while buying online. Find the dealer who is good at selling best kinds of trailers.

If you are actually looking for a professional Melbourne trailer provider, then Europe Trailers Pty Ltd is the definite choice for you. Contact at 03 9460 7044 and choose your kind of trailers. 

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Tuesday, 6 March 2018

7 Important Features Associated With Camper Trailers

Camper Trailers Melbourne

Camper Trailers in Melbourne have been in use for camping purposes and are a wonderful way to step up the holiday accommodation. They provide a homely environment for those who are traveling around the countryside. Lets us explore some of the features of Camper Trailers:
    1) Great Convenience
Camper trailers allow one to enjoy the joys of camping but with greater convenience. Amenities like built-in kitchens, ready made beds, storage compartments ensure that the trailers are an enticing addition to a holiday.
    2) Easy On Budget
There is ample opportunity to find the camper which suits the budget of the buyer and a number of choices are available.
    3) Allow Easy Towing
It is easier to pull a Camper Trailer because it is light and simple to carry. One does not need to upgrade any vehicle to pull the extra weight as is required with a caravan.
    4) Can Go Off-Road
Camper trailers can also be used for rough terrain as they are lightweight and durable.
    5) Comfort Level
The sleeping surface is more comfortable then that seen in a tent. Also, rain is a much less of an issue as compared to sleeping in a tent.
    6) Storage Capacity
It does not take up much space when in use. This is good for the time when the trailer needs to be stored at home.
    7) Overall Experience
A camper trailer still allows for an authentic camping experience. It provides one of the best means to have a comfortable and convenient outing.
Europe Trailer is a family owned and operated business where we design custom build trailers to suit personal client requirements. We have a wide range of trailers in stock. High-quality materials and components come with a 12-year warranty.

If you would like to know more about our products and services including Camper Trailers in Melbourne, then please get in touch with us now at 03 9460 7044.

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6 Major Benefits of Owning Camper Trailers!

Over the last few years, Camper Trailers in Melbourne have gain immense popularity due to its many benefits over other RV’s and tents. Buying a camper trailer is far more cost-effective solution as compared to buying a caravan or motor-home. They are more economical on fuel and provide additional level of security as compared to caravans.

Camper Trailers are ideally suited to Australia’s many rigged off road destinations. Being able to safely explore Melbourne and other regions of Australia along with accessing remote areas is one of the main reasons many people in Australia are choosing camper trailer. They are compact yet open up or fold out to create a comfy camping space.

Camper Trailers Melbourne

We’ve listed below some of the great benefits of having a camper trailer

Camper trailer are much cheaper than buying a caravan or motor homes. Additionally, a thriving second-hand market of camper trailer means an ample opportunity for you to find one that suits your budget.

Camper trailers allow you to experience joyful camping but with greater convenience. Additional amenities such as built-in kitchens, storage compartments and convenience of having ready-made beds ensure convenience and comfort to any holiday.

Easy To Tow:

Towing a camper trailer is much easier than pulling a caravan. Generally, camper trailers are relatively light and simple to tow. This means, that you don’t need to upgrade your vehicle to pull extra weight, which might be required while buying a caravan.

Going off road:

Adventurous travelers must be pleased to know that dedicated 4WD camper trailers are available. These trailers are light-weight, durable and are more reliable than handling the tougher terrain.


Hard-floor campers provides more comfortable sleeping surface than finding what in a tent. Moreover, they are raised, so that rain is never an issue unlike when sleeping in a tent.

Easy To Store:

Camper Trailers won’t take up much space when not in use. And if you’ve limited storage at your home, you’ll likely find it more important factor.

So, if you’re looking for a high quality camper trailers in Melbourne, Europe Trailers is your one stop destination. With years of experience under their belt, they strive to provide excellent yet affordable Camper Trailers Melbourne to enticing your adventure trip.

Monday, 27 November 2017

The Best Companions For Taking A Trip Which Is Comfortable And Safe!

Camper Trailers Melbourne

Camper Trailers are quite small and relatively compact travel trailers which can be towed using any automobile or truck. Camper Trailers are also known as a Pop-Up.  The Melbourne region is a widely expanding city region in Australia. Campers Trailers are quite popular in the Melbourne region.

Camper Trailers feature a combination of wood or a metal base with a canvas which is stretched over a collapsible frame. After reaching the site the canvas is unfolded and the frame is snapped into the place on the base creating a tent which is suspended off the ground. 

Camper Trailers are ideal for weekend trips for camping and other short term trips. The camp area must be accessible by road so that the trailer can be towed to the site and set up quickly. Most of the Camper Trailers have enough room for at least two people to sleep comfortably when the canvas is deployed. It is possible to use sleeping bags and inflatable mattresses at ease to assure a peaceful sleep.
Camper Trailers Melbourne

The camper Trailers make it possible to avoid using and setting up the usual tents. With Camper Trailers there is a less concern of reptiles and other wildlife creatures finding a way into the sleeping area. This is very important when young children are present on the trip. 

Today with Camper Trailers we can use equipment like refrigerators, fans and other electrical appliances as per the requirements on a trip. There is an ample scope of storage space within the tent. Camper Trailers are light weight and can be considered when one does not want to bring along heavier vehicles on a trip. The Camper trailers just require a car for towing and some general maintenance. Camper Trailers are thus extremely beneficial for enjoying camping with more comfort. For acquiring additional information on Camper Trailers in the Melbourne area please visit company Europe Trailers Pty Ltd.

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Trailers And Their Many Helpful Benefits For Users

Trailers For Sale Melbourne
A trailer is an unpowered vehicle towed by a powered vehicle and is commonly used for transport of materials and goods. Some trailers are utilised for personal purposes which can be powered by any vehicle having a good hitch but other trailers form part of large trucks called as semi-trailer trucks for the transport of cargo material. Trailersfor sale can be found easily online from companies like Europe Trailers. Trailers usually have many good benefits:

The main advantage of hiring or purchasing a trailer is that trailer can be moved at will wherever required. The vehicles can be moved anytime in the day or night at a time which is suitable. Some of the trailers can be used for more than a single purpose and can be used to transport things like firewood, garden supplies and furniture. Sometimes trailers can be used as a tilt enabling easy loading of vehicles. Trailers are especially more useful for transporting material or goods over longer distances.

A trailer jack is a machine which has been designed to lift the trailer to a height which allows the trailer to be hitched or unhitched to and from the towing vehicle. Trailer jacks are also used for levelling of the trailer during storage. The most common types of trailers are A-frame jacks, swivel jacks and drop-leg jacks. Some of the trailers like horse trailers have a built in jack for this reason.

Thus trailers are useful equipments which can be used to transport material and goods over large distances safely and securely. Trailers can be bought from a trustworthy company like Europe Trailers which can be very helpful for transportation purposes for both individual and commercial use. For more information on trailers for sale in Melbourne area visit Europe Trailers

How Can You Benefit From Using The Camper Trailers?

If you want to go for a picnic or an adventure which is far from your home, then you can take help from one of the best Camper Trailers...